Louis Philippe Style

The Louis Phillipe style, named for the French monarch who’s brief reign lasted from 1830 to 1848, arose out of the revival of earlier Rococo styles after the French revolution. - read more

French Empire Style

The Empire Style takes its name from the First French Empire period, beginning on May 18, 1804 when Napoléon Bonaparte was elected Emperor of the French. Taking cues from the - read more

Antique Russian Orthodox Icons

The icon has been a notable part of the Russian Orthodox faith since Christianity was first introduced to their ancestors, the Kievan Rus’ in 988 AD. The earliest Russian icons - read more

Antique Delft Pottery

  Even if you aren’t familiar with Delft pottery, you’ve probably seen the signature glossy white and blue earthenware before. Made in and around the city of the same name - read more

Murano Glass

For collectors of antique glassware, the name Murano is instantly recognizable. Produced on the Venetian island of the same name, the history of Murano glass traces back over a thousand - read more

French Country

The term “French Country” covers a variety of similar styles that evolved in the gently rolling hills and valleys of rural France. Sometimes confused with “French Provincial”, French Country is - read more

Louis XVI

Following the death of Louis XV in 1774, the crown passed to his grandson, Louis XVI who’s reign would represent the final chapter of French Monarchy. The visual and decorative - read more

The Bombé Chest

The Bombé chest, sometimes incorrectly called a Bombay chest due to their similar pronunciation, is a design that originated during the French Regency period following the death of King Louis - read more