French Country

The term “French Country” covers a variety of similar styles that evolved in the gently rolling hills and valleys of rural France. Sometimes confused with “French Provincial”, French Country is actually a more inclusive style that pertains to all of rural France, from the warm, sunny southern regions to the cool, snowy areas in the north like Nord-Pas-de-Calais.


Despite regional variations, the French Country style has several common elements. Primarily, it is warm and inviting. Rather than serving as a grandiose display of wealth or status, as was the case with some of the more urban French styles, French Country focuses on everyday living. While lacking much of intricate decoration present in the Louis styles, it still placed great importance on form and balance, often sharing a similar fundamental design.


Utility is also key with French Country furnishings. Unlike the grandiose pieces enjoyed by royalty and aristocracy, furniture in the French countryside had to serve a purpose. For this reason, it is not uncommon to find French Country furniture intended for more than one purpose. The unique blend of elegant French style combined with practical functionality makes French Country extremely well suited to the modern home.

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