Antique Delft Pottery

  • Delft Vase with Nautical Scene
  • Pair of Vases with Handles
  • Pair of Vases with Round Base
  • Pair of Flared Vases


Even if you aren’t familiar with Delft pottery, you’ve probably seen the signature glossy white and blue earthenware before. Made in and around the city of the same name in the Netherlands, Delftware is an example of tin-glazed pottery which actually had its origins in the 17th century when it was created as a more affordable European alternative to  expensive Chinese ceramics. Over time, the exquisite quality of work coming from the city lead the pottery to be respected in its own right.

Delftware owes its success to the special tin-glazing process used in its manufacture. Tin-oxide based glazes produce an opaque, lustrous white surface with the appearance of fine porcelain. Delft potters were also adept at drawing polychrome artworks over the white background using other metal oxides like cobalt to produces a brilliant blue hue.

Though it began as an imitation, antique Delftware is now highly prized as some of the finest earthenware to have come out of Europe and its timeless designs are easily incorporated into any home.

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